Special Report: O, Canada

An ode to our illustrious neighbors to the north:

O, Canada!

At first you choked me with your smoke

From fires, far and wide

But Parks and cities soon evoked

The need to be outside

From Kamloops, BC to Calgary


Banff’s hot springs to Jasper’s… everything


Rogers Place in Edmonton, where I watched the Oilers win


Alberta’s snows to Saskatchewan’s burrows


Unmatched hospitality

This Yankee soon accepted

Glacial water at high verticality


And wholly unexpected

I find your coins and roundabouts frustrating and obtuse

Despite these things, just one camp out quite easily seduced


Fill up my gut with quite a glut of Timbits and poutine


The former of which are so delish, it borders on obscene

O, Canada, O, Canada,

Our neighbors to the north


O, Canada, O, Canada

You’re in my heart, henceforth


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