Brain Download: Grasslands

Do:  Walk among the prairie dog towns and get yelled at by the locals to get off of their collective lawns.  Designated walking trails wind through these towns, but be sure to stay on the path so as not to disturb them too much.

See:  Burrowing owls at Top Dogtown (but only from May to October, unfortunately, as they migrate to Mexico for the winter…).  If you visit during these times, practice patience and utilize a keen eye and lens to capture their quirky behavior and adorable mannerisms.

Drive:  The Ecotour Road and Backcountry Loop in the Park’s west unit offer sprawling views of the prairie which once covered a vast swath of the continent.  Stick to the speed limit (which is rather low) and you’ll be sure to see all manner of wildlife along the roadside, including prairie dogs, buffalo, coyotes, badgers, and more.

Stay:  Frenchman Valley Campground is your best bet for camping in the Park, and provides electrical hookups, spigot water, vault toilets, and ample camping space for overnight visitors.

Eat:  There were no restaurants in the Park and nowhere of note to buy much of anything in the neighboring town of Val Marie, so bring whatever food you need.  Most of Grasslands can be enjoyed in two full days, so there’s no need to stock up too heavily for a short stopover.

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