Brain Download: Yoho

Do:  Hike the Iceline Trail, or at least whatever part of it your hiking ability can tolerate.  Coupled with the Whaleback loop, it can be physically grueling, but worth it for views such as can be found in the

See:  Twin Falls (both at the bottom and mouth), adorable pikas, and the brilliant contrast of blue sky, white capped peaks, and evergreens layered on the horizon.

Drive:  Highway 1 across the whole of both Yoho and Banff offer excellent mountain views, and the Yoho Valley Road leading to the Iceline Trail provides the best views on the return trip (south).

Stay:  Lake Louise Softsided Campground (tents only) is just a 35-40 minute drive to the Iceline Trail/Takakkaw Falls, and offers full amenities for roughly $23 USD/night.

Eat:  Whatever the heck you want after hiking the Iceline Trail – you’ve earned it!

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