Brain Download: Banff

Do:  Combine two popular Teahouse hikes into one long loop:  The Lake Agnes and Plain of Six Glaciers Teahouses.  Beginning on the eastern shore of Lake Louise, these trails cram forest, lakes, mountains, glaciers, and quaint refreshment establishments all in one ‘ooh-ahh’ filled day.

See:  The view from the Plain of Six Glaciers lookout (about a mile further up the trail from the Plain of Six Glaciers Teahouse), offers a stunning panorama of the valley, all the way down to the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise.

Drive:  The stretch of Highway 1 between Canmore and Lake Louise serves up quintessential Rocky Mountain backdrops without ever having to leave the comfort of your climate-controlled vehicle (if you’re not inclined to hike).

Stay:  Lake Louise Softsided Campground (for tent campers) lies just a few minutes from Lake Louise itself, is easily accessed from Highway 1, and offers shower facilities as well as an electric fence to keep bears away, provided you suffer from arkoudaphobia (fear of bears).

Eat:  While I can’t make a well-informed recommendation here, as I did not make the restaurant rounds while in the Park, Banff Ave. Brewing Company was said to have a quality selection of both food and drink.

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