Park Cafe, St. Mary, MT

Grizz Bear-y Pie (Huckleberry Ice Cream)

Crust:  6/10; as a single-crust pie, the crust-to-filling ratio is somewhat sparse, though the crust edge had a nice flakiness and was clearly baked in-house.

Ice Cream:  7/10; while I am not sure of the name of the creamery, it seems that most establishments in the Glacier National Park area procure their huckleberry ice cream from the same vendor – it is above average.

Filling:  8/10; for those curious as to the makeup of “Grizz Bear-y” pie, the filling contains huckleberries, blackberries, and raspberries, and the employment of huckleberries brings the combination to a level above your standard mixed berry selection (typically involving blueberries in lieu of huckleberries).

Presentation:  6/10; the pie itself looked lovely, but the ice cream was rather hastily scooped and placed onto the plate with the apparent dexterity of a rhesus monkey.

Taste:  8/10; the mix of berries truly galvanizes this offering, and had I not devoured a hearty bacon cheeseburger immediately prior, a second slice would have been called for.

Overall:  35/50; 3.5 slices – With a double-crust recipe and a high-test ice cream scoop, this pie could really shine, but languishes as ‘decent’ while lacking the aforementioned…


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