Northern Lights Saloon, Polebridge, MT

Huckleberry Pie (no Ice Cream)

Crust:  8/10; at last, a crust after my own heart – this is clearly a scratch-made shortening crust, with the double-crust recipe working overtime to contain the filling, and the sprinkling of sugar sets off the flavor.

Ice Cream:  N/A; there are some extenuating circumstances here, as this pie was comped by the restaurant and I did not see fit to ask for ice cream with a free piece of pie.

Filling:  9/10; one of the most potently flavorful fillings I have encountered, and it was evident that savvy technique went into retaining the form of the whole huckleberries while also allowing the delectable juice to permeate the pie.

Presentation:  7/10; not the most beautiful slice you’ll encounter, but the simplicity of the small white plate and single fork earns style points at this establishment.

Taste:  8/10; though a small quantity of ice cream may have been a boon to this particular slice, the crust and filling more than stand up on their own to deliver a memorable experience for your taste buds.

Overall:  32/40; 4 slices (weighted on a 40 point scale) – Just like Grandma used to make, if your Grandma lived in Montana with convenient access to wild huckleberries.


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