West Glacier Restaurant, West Glacier, MT

Huckleberry Pie (Huckleberry Ice Cream)

Crust:  7/10; the first full (mini) pie I’ve encountered on this trip, the single-crust was notably buttery, however it was difficult to get an equal bite of crust and filling as you would in a traditional slice.

Ice Cream:  7/10; strong showing for the humble huckleberry, breaking through with a non-traditional flavor profile.  The way the ice cream was laid out onto the pie, however, made for an unwieldy dining experience, and thus, a minor point deduction.

Filling:  8/10; whole huckleberries were hard to come by in this filling, but the smoothness of the fruit combined with the oat crumble topping elevated the filling to a tart and crunchy pinnacle.

Presentation:  7/10; had the pie been brought on a plate instead of hastily thrown into a styrofoam to-go container, the dessert would have held a higher appeal.  That said, the mini pie is a bold choice in a slice-driven pie market, so points go to the effort.

Taste:  7/10; some may argue that the oatmeal crumble topping pushed this dish closer into the cobbler category, but the rounded, crust-with-filling characteristics, along with a distinctly pie-like essence from your first mouthful, denote this pie as an above-average complement to any meal.

Overall:  36/50; 3.5 slices – Tasty mini-pie morsel, but if you’re a slice aficionado, other pies will tickle your fancy.


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