Wall Drug, Wall, SD

Blueberry Pie (Vanilla Ice Cream)

Crust:  6/10; while flaky to a point, the crust failed to disguise what was otherwise a lackluster confection (see below)…

Ice Cream:  6/10; run-of-the mill vanilla ice cream will win you no contests, Wall Drug.  You may be known as a one-stop shop in South Dakota, but not all ice creams are created equal.  Branch out from the mundane.

Filling:  4/10; hurt as much by the fact that it was served cold (with ice cream) as it was by the painfully obvious fact that the filling had been extracted from a can of “blueberry” sugar preservatives made to resemble fruit, this aspect was the biggest let-down of the slice…

Presentation:  5/10; the crust-to-filling ratio was surprisingly low for a double-crust pie, and while the second scoop of ice cream was a nice touch, no concerted effort was made on presentation, nor was an offer to warm the pie provided.

Taste:  6/10; as noted above, the crust and ice cream were mediocre enough to save this pie from being a complete wash.  It was passable enough to finish, but only after a 10 mile hike through Badlands National Park jumpstarted my appetite.

Overall:  27/50; 2.5 slices – Save the calories if you’re diabetic or watching your thighs…


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