The Purple Pie Place, Custer, SD

Strawberry Rhubarb Pie (Vanilla Ice Cream)

Crust:  8/10; clearly made in-house by the irregularity of the crust shape and design (the full pies are brought out from the kitchen and placed in a display case).  Crunchy and buttery while absorbing the ice cream quite well.

Ice Cream:  9/10; high praise for the humble vanilla, but the ice cream is also made in-house and espoused that quality you can only achieve from small, local ice cream joints.  Creamy and dense enough to eat with a fork outdoors in moderate heat.

Filling:  10/10; among the best filling ever to grace the surface of my tastebuds.  Rhubarb has a flavor unique to the world of pie, and this pie

Presentation:  6/10; I had to piece together the broken slice on the provided Dixie plate for the attached photo, but it seems a minor complaint.

Taste:  8/10; solid pie all around and as good or better than I could have made it myself.  They don’t call themselves ‘The Pie Place’ for nothing.

Overall:  41/50; 4 slices – Come for the pie and ice cream, stay for the cute Eastern European staffers.


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