Brain Download: Wind Cave

While the full-length blog posts on This is Your Brain on Parks tell a firsthand account of the adventures of Tom Anderson at various National Parks, Forests, and Monuments across the US and Canada, Brain on Parks audiences clamor for clear, concise information downloads on these unique and invaluable locations.  In the spirit of catering to 21st Century attention spans, we will be offering quick bites of information as separate posts to facilitate consumption for today’s on-the-go millennial.

Do:  Any of the cave tours offered, but preferably the longer tours.  The more time you can spend exploring the catacombs of Wind Cave the more awe-struck and engrossed in the experience you will become.  Most tours cost $12 and are booked on-site.  Two reservable tours, the Candlelight and Wild Cave tours, seem worthwhile if you’re up for an extra dose of adventure.

See:  Boxwork formations within the cave system, grazing bison and prairie dogs above ground (anywhere along Highway 385 heading into the Park), and elk, if you can find them (these can be heard in the hills near Elk Mountain campground)

Drive:  Highway 385 between Hot Springs and Custer; Highway 87 between Wind Cave and Hill City

Stay:  Elk Mountain campground provides an excellent location from which to see the cave, hike in both Wind Cave and Custer State parks, and is a manageable distance (50 minutes) from Mount Rushmore National Memorial; $16/night, first-come, first served

Eat:  Purple Pie Place – Custer, SD, where an amicable Eastern European seasonal worker is sure to suggest their mouthwatering specialty, strawberry rhubarb pie (see the review in the Pie section of this blog), the perfect snack after a day on the trail, and serve a la mode for extra diabetic goodness

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